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The action of grinding is the search for the most perfect appearance of the surface of a workpiece.


Grinding is often used to prepare friction surfaces. It can also be used to give a particular profile to the workpiece when the grinding wheel has been previously machined to a complementary profile.


Surface grinding consists of grinding the workpiece horizontally in such a way that layers of material ranging from 20 to 40 micrometres are repeatedly removed.


In the case of cylindrical grinding, the workpiece rotates on itself, running parallel to the grinding wheel axis.


In contrast to traditional machining (cutting tool removal), grinding allows high dimensional accuracy machining thanks to the principle of abrasive machining.


Machine park :


  • Plane ELB + sinusdress strokes: X1600 x Y600 x Z300
  • Plane Jacobsen strokes: X600 x Y300 x Z250
  • Plane Jones and Shipman + sinusdress strokes: X480 x Y170 x Z200
  • Cylindrical TOS exter courses: Ø180 x 500

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