Blanchet Technologies

Who are you ?

Blanchet-Technologies has been a specialist in precision mechanics for 35 years

Blanchet Technologies was founded in 1989 by a former workshop manager at the height of the golden age of precision mechanics. Very quickly, this family-run company relied on its ability to provide its clients with a complete service, from design to production.

The precision mechanics sector has gradually developed alongside major industrial sectors such as aeronautics, watchmaking, armaments and the automotive industry.


Their use in parts that are complex to manufacture because they are very small, with complicated profiles or high dimensional tolerances, has led to the emergence of companies like Blanchet Technologies.

Thanks to this experience, combined with the company’s desire to make the most of the technical skills of each employee, Blanchet Technologies is today a kind of alliance between the craftsman’s trade and industrial requirements, capable of meeting complex and unique demands.


Blanchet Technologies continues to grow by accompanying emerging markets, working with the world of research in order to share its experience and thus participate in the industrial development of our national flagships.


Blanchet Technologies is a story of people, skills, passion and a great sense of service.