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Milling is a material-removing machining process. In the form of chips, the material is removed by a combination of two movements: the rotation of the cutting tool on the one hand and the feed of the workpiece on the other.

The milling machine is particularly suitable for machining prismatic parts and can also be used to produce all types of shapes, even complex ones.

Our current milling machines are automated (CNC milling machines and machining centres). The numerical control programming of our machines is done via the Mastercam software interface, on PC in 2D and 3D.

Each milling machine operator is responsible for his own programming, as well as for the quality of his production. Individual responsibility is at the heart of the company’s performance.

The diversity of Blanchet Technologies’ milling equipment enables the production of parts of all sizes.

5-axis milling

  • Mazak VTC 800 20sr
  • Spinner U1520
  • DMG DMU50

    3-axis milling

    • DMG DMC 1035
    • DMC 104V
    • Corréa CF20

    • Amada HA250W saw

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